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From low 首付 options, to flexible loan programs and one-on-one support – we’ll get you home.


Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. We understand you’ll have questions and we’re here to provide answers.

无论是你的 第一个家, a vacation property or an investment purchase, we’ll help you get there.

收费低, 灵活的程序, 以及专家建议, 我们会帮助你找到一个可以称之为家的地方.



固定—— 可调整利率 期权和低首付计划


个性化的建议和指导,在每一步-找到你的 置业贷款顾问


Search for properties, receive special discounts and more with 主场优势


有信心地提出报价,并学习更多关于获得的知识 预先批准的 前期









30年期固定 $50,000 to $766,550 7.000% 7.092%
30年期固定利率(无成交成本,折价3%)6 $50,000 to $766,550 7.500% 7.565%
20年的固定 $50,000 to $766,550 6.500% 6.613%
15年固定 $50,000 to $766,550 6.500% 6.641%
10年期固定 $50,000 to $766,550 6.375% 6.571%
30年固定高结余 $766,551 to $1,149,825 7.375% 7.465%
15年固定高余额 $766,551 to $1,149,825 7.500% 7.646%
15年固定Jumbo $766,551 to $2,500,000 6.750% 6.869%
30年固定Jumbo $766,551 to $2,500,000 6.750% 6.823%

*与朋友交谈 置业贷款顾问 关于联邦住房管理局、退伍军人管理局和美国农业部的利率.





5/1 30年可调3

$50,000 to $766,550 6.250% 7.004%

5/5 30年可调4

$50,000 to $766,550 6.375% 6.459%

7/1 30年可调3

$50,000 to $766,550 6.250% 6.871%

10/1 30年可调3

$50,000 to $766,550 6.375% 6.793%

10/10 30年可调5

$50,000 to $766,550 6.500% 6.628%

5/1 30年可调Jumbo3

$766,551 to $2,500,000 6.250% 6.988%

5/5 30年可调Jumbo4

$766,551 to $2,500,000 6.375% 6.443%

7/1 30年可调Jumbo3

$766,551 to $2,500,000 6.250% 6.855%

10/1 30年可调Jumbo3

$766,551 to $2,500,000 6.375% 6.777%

10/10 30年可调Jumbo5

$766,551 to $2,500,000 6.500% 7.064%


我能买得起多少房子? (下图, “Monthly child support payments” refers to child support payments made as a monthly expense, 而不是孩子的抚养费.)

Calculations provided are for demonstration purposes only and do not guarantee credit approval for the rate and 条款 displayed.


  • 我们将指导您完成这一步. 我们建议先和我们的一位 置业贷款顾问 第一个. 他们会问你一些关于你的目标的问题, 首付款基础, income and more to get an idea at what price point you may qualify for. To get an actual amount and estimate of your monthly payments and costs, 你会想申请并得到 预先批准的.

    Your mortgage loan’s interest rate is affected by a variety of things, 包括你的信用评分, 首付, 以及你的抵押贷款金额, 除其他因素外. 我们鼓励您使用我们的 按揭贷款计算器 to see your options or speak to a 置业贷款顾问 for a more accurate quote.

    It’s a common misconception that you need a 20% 首付 to buy a home. In fact, you can get into a home with a 首付 as low as 3% and no closing costs6. We offer several programs designed to help make homeownership more affordable.
    Here’s an overview of the most common options and their benefits:
    You should be aware that you must immediately pay off this type of debt if you sell your home, just like you must pay off your 第一个 mortgage (if you have one). Additionally, your home could be foreclosed if you don’t pay the loan. That’s because your home is the collateral (the guarantee) for the loan.


    • 获得高达5万美元的援助
    • 房主至少支付1万美元的首付款7
    • Available to 第一个-time buyers (certain income restrictions apply)
    • 最多可借766,550美元


    • 较低的首付款有助于保存现金和节省成交费用
    • 3%的折价,无成交费用6
    • 最多可借766,550美元


    • Allows you to purchase a home in higher price range, while still having a low 首付
    • 首付5%,最多借100万美元8


    • Helps maximize your buying power by providing a 20% 首付
    • 10% down + 10% down from 2nd mortgage (HELOC) obtained at closing
    • 最多借200万美元

买房是一个激动人心的里程碑, but there’s a lot of information out there and it can feel overwhelming at times. 有一个好的伴侣站在你这边会让一切变得不同.

我们的房屋贷款顾问是他们行业的专家, 并带来当地的专业知识, 指导, 并在整个过程中给予支持. They’ll answer all of your questions so you’re well-informed and ready to take the next step toward your new home.

找一个顾问 一个值得信赖的伙伴
价格可能每天都在变化,但你的价格不必如此. 一旦你被预先批准并积极提供房屋, 我们将按你们的价格支付30天的房费1 – giving you time and peace of mind while you shop for the right home.

1 锁和商店计划可用于第一(1)st)按揭贷款只适用于大额贷款购买交易. Must have a home loan application with Patelco to lock in a rate. Patelco will honor your rate up to 30 days from the date it is locked. Once a fully-executed purchase contract is received, the rate will prevail until loan funding.

2 年利率. 年利率的计算依据如下:

  • 符合:贷款金额766,550美元+结算费用
  • 高余额:贷款金额为1,000,000美元+结算费用
  • Jumbo:贷款金额+成交费用
  • Mortgage rates shown are based on a 30-day lock for purchase transactions

贷款价值比为60% (LTV), owner-occupied purchase with excellent credit and no subordinate financing. 您的价格可能与显示的不同, there are pricing adjustments on certain scenarios. 请使用 利率计算器 on our mortgage application site to receive a better estimate for your scenario. 利率, 条款, 条件, and availability are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without notice. Nothing herein is or should be interpreted as an offer or commitment to lend. 贷款须经信贷和财产审批. 其他条件和限制可能适用. 可能需要危险保险. NMLS ID号码为506373.

High-Balance Mortgages allow for higher loan limits beyond the $766,550符合限制高达1美元,000,000.00 for high-cost areas as determined by the Federal Finance Agency (FHFA). These higher limits are designed to make homeownership more affordable in areas with the highest home prices and are typically priced below jumbo mortgage loan.

3 The index is the weekly average of the 1-year US Treasury securities adjusted to constant maturity of one year, 由美联储提供. The caps are 2% annually and 6% lifetime based on the initial rate. 目前的指数是5.10%. 您的价格可能与显示的不同.

4 The index (for 5/5 product) is the weekly average of the 5-year US Treasury securities adjusted to constant maturity of five years, 由美联储提供. The caps are 2% every adjustment and 5% lifetime based on the initial rate. 目前的指数是4.32%. 您的价格可能与显示的不同.

5 The index (for 10/10 product) is the weekly average of the 10-year US Treasury securities adjusted to constant maturity of ten years, 由美联储提供. The caps are 3% every adjustment and 6% lifetime based on the initial rate. 目前的指数是4.30%. 您的价格可能与显示的不同.

6 成交费用Patelco支付的费用包括适用的所有权, escrow and recording cost fees and will appear on the Closing Disclosure. The appraisal and credit report fee will be paid up-front by the member and reimbursed at closing. 风险保险, 税, 会员费, 购货业主政策, Transfer Tax and Mortgage 保险 (if applicable) are not covered by Patelco. 贷款须经信贷和抵押品审批. 超过80% LTV的贷款需要抵押贷款保险.

7 At least one borrower is a 第一个-time home buyer (had no ownership interest in a property in the last three years). Applicable on the purchase of a single-family residence and 30-year fixed conforming loans with minimum 740 FICO. FHL Bank San Francisco Middle-Income Down Payment assistance program is not available in all counties. 条款和条件可能会有所变化. 招收ment in the program is not a guarantee to the homebuyer of receipt of funds.

8 Eligible for conforming loan amounts and 95% loan-to-value (LTV) available on 15—— 30-year fixed jumbo mortgages only. 超过80% LTV的贷款需要抵押贷款保险.